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Through Programmatic Soup, our goal is to educate digital marketing professionals who seek to learn more about programmatic or to improve their current skill sets. To us, we define programmatic simply as an automated and data-driven method of buying online media through technology. Hence, we also cover other digital marketing channels such as paid search and social, as the rudimentary nature of both methods is essentially data-driven and automatic. While there are plenty of guides, magazines and blogs about programmatic online, there are only a few that are focused on Asia Pacific (APAC).

Although there has been growth in programmatic adoption in the region according to The Drum, the knowledge gap still persists especially in the region. Also discussed on IAB SEA+India, programmatic education and tech costs are factors of adoption lag in APAC.

Programmatic Soup was founded to provide that perspective leaning towards Asia Pacific. Programmatic growth is estimated to continue, and demand for programmatic specialists may increase. People who know the ins and outs about programmatic would be highly sought after. We hope that through Programmatic Soup, we are able to help achieve your goals at any stage of your career, as we share our experiences, knowledge, perspectives and resources about programmatic. Our stance towards programmatic is technology-agnostic, and we are not in any way affiliated to any companies.

We always welcome discussions and feedback through the comment section, or you may also email us directly at info@programmaticsoup.com.

Disclaimer: Please note that all opinions and ideas expressed are solely our own. We are not representing our  employers, nor our views reflect the views of our employers. We are not compensated by any company we may review or mention in our posts.

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