Ad Formats

  • Outstream video ads refer to video ad placements that exist and appear outside of online video content that a user is watching. This would include placements such as video ads that play in-between articles that users are reading. The goal of this format is to increase brand awareness of your…

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  • YouTube Video Discovery ads - ProgrammaticSoup

    YouTube is a great place to reach users but can we use it to find potentially relevant audiences outside of their video watching experience? Cue: Video Discovery Ads, also known as in-feed video ads. As part of our Unboxed: YouTube Advertising series, we will be introducing this format, and it…

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  • YouTube in-stream Ads - ProgrammaticSoup

    YouTube is without a doubt one of the largest platforms that we can use to reach our target audience. While TikTok has steadily risen in watch time in the US, YouTube continues to be a key channel for marketers with users watching it more than ever in this pandemic. So…

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