How to: PMP Setup on TTD

Today, we will be covering how one can set up a PMP deal on the TTD platform. For those unfamiliar with what a PMP is, check out our other post – Unboxed: Programmatic Inventory Types.


  • Deal ID (good to pass the vendor/SSP your four-digit TTD seat ID before this)
  • SSP/Exchange
  • Floor or Fixed Price with currency
  • Start and End date (if any)

Related Terms

  • First-Party Contracts: PMP deals (referred to as contracts in TTD) are negotiated between the TTD seat owner (i.e., the buyer/advertiser/agency) and the publisher/vendor who issued the deal.
  • Third-Party Contracts: Similar to First-Party Contracts, however, the deals are negotiated between TTD and the publisher/vendor. You can think of this as a place for always-on deals that TTD has curated for you, hence third-party from a TTD seat owner’s perspective.


1) First, navigate to the Inventory section and ensure you are on the First-Party Contracts tab.

2) Click on “New Contract” to create a new PMP deal. A pop-up will appear, as in the screenshot below. There are multiple steps, but only the first three are mandatory for a PMP deal to function. The remaining six steps after “Delivery Profile” are optional and only help in filtering/searching for PMP deals.

Enter Deal Name and Start/End Date for the deal. Click “Next” when ready.

3. Select the Supply Vendor (a.k.a. SSP/Exchange), the corresponding Deal ID, and the floor or fixed rate of the deal. Remember to click “Add Item” before clicking “Next.”

4. Once you have the necessary deal information in place, this “Delivery Profile” step essentially controls who in the TTD seat can access the deal created. Once configured, click “Complete” and you are ready to use the deal.

Verify PMP deal on TTD

Rather than leaving your PMP campaign setup to fate, wondering if it will spend, TTD has some pretty cool features for you to check on the deal’s health after creation to foresee any challenges before starting the campaign.

Check Volume of Incoming Bid Requests

Click on the contract name. The following contract detail page will give an overview of the deal. Most importantly, the “Deal Availability” section will be of interest as it shows you the traffic that TTD is seeing on the deal ID.

If you see 0 bid requests throughout the various time duration, then there are two likely causes for this:

  1. PMP Deal was incorrectly set up – either the deal ID or the SSP is incorrect.
  2. The deal provider has not activated the deal on their end.

Check Details of Incoming Bid Requests

Once you have verified that the deal is sending bid requests to the DSP, you might want to check what values are being passed in the bid requests to select the suitable targeting options from the start rather than take a trial & error approach.

Click on the “Details” section at the bottom of the navigation bar.

That’s it! We hope this PMP setup guide in TTD proves helpful!